Hex Lag Screws

Lag screws, also called lag bolts or coach screws, are large wood screws. The head is external hex and are driven with a wrench. Used for lag together lumber for framing, machinery to wood floors, and other heavy duty applications.

Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws have a sheet metal thread with a self-driller cutting (TEK) point to pierce through 20 to 14 gauge metals. The higher the TEK number, the larger the drill point to pierce heavier gauge metals.

Sheet Metal Screws / Self Tapping Screw

Sheet metal screws (SMS) have sharp cutting threads that cut into sheet metal, plastic or wood. They have a fully threaded shank and sometimes have a notched point at the tip to aid in chip removal during thread cutting.

Machine Screws

A machine screw is a screw or bolt with a flat point. Available in a variety of drive types and heads, they fit a wide variety of applications. Often driven into tapped holes. Used with nuts and washers, also known as “stove bolts” or “stovers”.

Particle Board Screws

Also known as Chipboard Screws. Typically used where speed of assembly is required. No drilling or punching required before use.

Coach Screws

Used for heavy duty construction work to fix wood to wood or metal to wood. They are designed with a hexagonal head and, therefore, require a wrench or socket spanner to be tightened or unscrewed.

Gutter Bolt

Ideal fastener for various DIY projects including gutter installation.

Drywall Screws

Specifically designed to secure drywall to wood or metal studs. Sharp points and threads enable fast insertion. Their bugle heads enable drywall screws to embed themselves into the material for a flush finish.

Deck Screws

Our deck screws feature a type 17 point (notched point at the tip) to aid in chip removal during thread cutting which allows for an easy installation in wood and composite deck materials. A bugle head and square drive help to eliminate the stripping effect sometimes experienced with other types of drives.

Other available screw types include:

Roofing Screws

Furniture Screws

Anti Theft Screws