Closed End Rivets (Sealed) -ASS type

Closed end rivets differ from a standard blind pop rivet in that they feature a closed end which creates a watertight seal. Generally available in Aluminium, but also S/S on request 

Blind Rivets (Open End) AS - SS type

Blind rivets are used to connect two pieces of material in a quick effective way. Blind Rivets consist of a Shell and a Mandrel; The shell expands and collapses when the Mandrel is pulled by the placing tool, and the mandrel snaps off when installed. Available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel

Large Flange Rivets -AS - L/F Type

Large flange, have a larger OD diameter head size than standard rivets. This larger head size provides a bigger bearing surface for the Rivet head, commonly used in oversize holes, or where a large surface area is required to prevent pull out. Available mostly in Aluminium, but other materials also available on request.

Coloured Rivets

Coloured rivets are open end pop rivets. Coloured rivets have a Shell that has been epoxy painted brown, black , blue, red, yellow or white. These colours blend in with the surface to which they are installed. Other colours are also available, but subject to minimum order quantities and lead times.

Multi-Grip Rivets

Multi-grip rivets are often used to substitute conventional rivets where the thickness of installation materials can vary. One rivet can be used in place of 2-3 sizes of rivets, eliminating the need for different sizes of rivets and avoiding operator error. The rivet provides excellent hole fill as well as clamping capabilities, and is also known to be water resistant with its positive Mandrel retention. Available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel.

Structural Rivets

Structural rivets are used to fasten two pieces of material together where increased strength is required for greater Tensile and Shear Strengths, these are only available in 4.8 and 6.4 Diameters, and in Dome/ Protruding Head and CSK Head styles. These are availbale in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, and require specialised tooling to place these rivets. Generally known as Mono Rivets. 

Full Stainless Steel or Half Stainless Steel Rivets - Open Ended FSS or SSS Type

Stainless steel body with a Stainless Steel or Steel mandrel. Ideal for use in applications where corrosion needs to be prevented. 

Peel Rivets - PAS Type

This Aluminium Rivet with a Steel Stem peels open once the Mandrel is pulled, and will open up into a large or oversize hole, this is the perfect rivet for use in Fibreglass, or areas where you dont want to see the back of the rivet, but you cannot use a washer as access is restricted. 

Semi-Tubular Rivets

Easily fastened using a rivet setter. The rivet does not loosen easily and provides a reliable fastening solution. The Rivet comes in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel. The Hollow section (Poke) forms over when using a placing tool. Access from both sides is required.

Solid Rivets

One of the oldest and most reliable types of fasteners. They consist simply of a solid head and a shaft that can be deformed with a hammer or rivet gun. Typically used where safety and reliability is of main concern, generally available in Aluminium and Steel, used in vehicle bodies and pot handles.

Countersunk Rivets - ASC Type

Countersunk rivets, also called flat head rivets, are used to connect two pieces of material in quick, efficient way. The top of the rivet is almost inverted, with a 120 degree countersink to fit into a CSK hole, to give a flush finish. Available mostly in Aluminium, but also available in other materials.