Sleeve Anchors

Concrete masonry sleeve anchors consist of a threaded stud with an outwardly flared cone-shaped end, with a nut and a washer on the end. Tightening of the nut pulls the stud end into the expander sleeve, wedging it outwards and locking the anchor into the base material. Made for hollow concrete applications (ex. cinderblocks).

Toggle Wing Hollow Wall Anchors

Toggle Wings are used in situations when installing through a material. The wing can be bent in half and pushed through the material. Once it is all the way through the material it expands and can be screwed into to hold things in place against the rear side of the material.

Wedge Anchors - Single / Double Collar

Concrete masonry wedge anchors are used to anchor and secure material and equipment to solid concrete masonry surfaces. Comprised of an anchor, a nut and a washer. Applications include balustrades, handrails, shelving, structural steel and machinery.

Shield Anchors

Well suited to use in brickwork and stonework where holes may be slightly over sized due to the drilling process. A wide range of configurations enables shield anchors to be used in a wide range of applications. 

Nail in Anchors

Ideally used for fastening frames, shelves and cupboards to concrete. The anchor is placed through the object and into the wall, then the nail is hammered through the anchor causing expansion of the anchor and fixing the object to the wall.

Chemical Anchors

Chemical anchors are used in high load applications. A resin is injected into the hole prior to insertion of the stud. The resin creates an airtight seal and allows for 100% adhesion, increasing the anchor's strength and load capacity.

Screw Bolts

Extremely strong fastener with a heavy load capacity. Suitable in a variety of applications. Easy installation.

Drop In Anchors

Drop in anchors are internally threaded anchors that are commonly installed overhead and flush with the surface of the concrete. These anchors are commonly used to create handrails, lighting fixtures and many other fixtures. They require a setting tool for installation.


Mild Steel

Stainless Steel





Yellow Zinc